Why is choosing a Health Care Agent important: Let’s talk turkey

Why is choosing someone you trust to be your Heath Care Agent so important? Having someone to speak FOR you when you can’t speak for yourself is often so important to your well-being, relaxation, relief of stress, and peace of mind.  It can also be equally as valuable for you to choose someone who will speak TO you about what is happening with you, as you are dying__ for the same reasons.  If having well being, relaxation, relief of stress and peace of mind are important to you as you think about your death, then choosing someone you can rely on to be your Health Care Agent is vital.

If you are someone who wants to know what’s going on with your body, or your medical care, it may also be important for you to hear the truth from your Health Care Agent.  This is an example of what you might consider including in the addendum to your Advance Health Care Directive:


I will probably know by the change in your communication. You might be tearful or start lowering your voice. I need to prepare, so please do not think you are protecting me. I want to find my own inner strength.”

If these communications are not specified with your Health Care Agent, you may end up with communications about your situation that are unhelpful and confusing to your sense of well being.  Letting your Health Care Agent know your need for direct conversations is crucial.  So, it’s best to choose someone that will talk turkey with you; who will tell you the whole truth as well as speak for you.

Reva Tift, M.A. is the director of AHCD Guidance that provides a comprehensive process with which to document preferences for end of life care. Since 1979, Reva has worked extensively with mid-life and aging issues through teaching and consultations in both small and large group settings. Drawing on her experience as a teacher, psychotherapist, wife, mother, and mentor Reva offers knowledge and guidance in making thoughtful decisions about the care we would like to receive at the end of our lives.

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