Boulder County “Before I Die..” Project

“Before I Die…” Walls are public art projects that are popping up all around the world! This year we had the opportunity to bring this interactive and thought-provoking project to Boulder County. I’ve been wanting to do this for years. This is the first interactive art project I’ve been a part of. I don’t really even think of it as art but as a way for people to think about something that’s hugely important and is a fun way to think about heavy subjects. This is something kids and adults can participate and share in. I got involved with the “Before I Die..” Wall project through my work with Boulder County’s Conversations on Death. The timing was right, and there was an enthusiasm and synergy with it’s creation! The Boulder County community got excited and really made this project happen. Across the county, it’s bringing together morticians, librarians, carpenters, artists, therapists, social workers, and chaplains and the public. Even though it’s been a lot of work I feel energized by the collaboration, community and this growing movement bringing the topic of death out of isolation and into our conversations. Check the Conversations on Death Calendar  and find out when the “Before I Die..” Walls are coming to you throughout Boulder County. “Before I Die” Website

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