April 16th is National Health Care Decisions Day.

These are 7 Important Reasons To Complete Your Advance Health Care Directives now.

Have you considered these questions?

1. Does someone you trust know your wishes if you have an unexpected hospitalization?

2. Do you have any current issues that might affect your physical or mental functioning in case of an emergency?

3. Have you considered how you want to be cared for if you are terminally ill or in a coma?

4. Is it possible a loved one may challenge your choices regarding your health care now or at the end of life?

5. Do you travel? Are your Health Care Documents easily accessible? Are they filed on-line?

6. If you have completed your Health Care Directives have you given copies to your doctors and Health Care Agent?

7. Do you want support in how to have discussions with loved ones or family members concerning you Health Care Wishes?

Contact Reva at or call 303-444-0152 and start the process to complete your Advance Directives. While each state has different forms the issues that you need to consider are the same.

It is a gift to yourself and your loved ones to make your healthcare decisions known when your mind is clear and you have time to consider your choices.


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