• Working with Reva to create my Advance Directive was a pleasure. Her kind manor, personal warmth and sense of humor allowed me to investigate and comfortably share how I feel about my own dying and death. Then, as the document began to take shape, Reva expertly answered my many questions and was ready to offer suggestions when I needed an example or a spark of inspiration. Looking back, I am surprised how much joy was woven into the process and I feel more at ease knowing I have an expertly crafted Advance Directive that reflects my true wishes. Thank you Reva.”

    - Dave Sheldon 2020
  • “Reva Tift’s class was just what I needed to help overcome the inertia I was feeling about my Advance Health Care Directives. Reva’s years of experience in working with people and her extensive knowledge of Advance Directives helped us feel safe to explore the deep feelings that  came up as we immersed ourselves in the task of articulating what we want our dying process to be like. The rich input from the group coupled with Reva’s generous sharing of her considerable resources made for a full experience. Not only did I learn a vast amount, I also felt empowered to move forward from my heart in creating the vision of what I would like for my dying process.”

    - Katy Wolf 2020
  • “The workshop provided all the necessary information and also allowed me to contemplate the emotional impact on my family members and realize the urgency of the conversations I plan to have.”

    - Jane VanHouten Feb 2014
  • “Reva was able to gently guide us through this complex and stress-inducing set of decisions.”

    - Charlie VanHouten Feb 2014
  • “Thank you for getting me started with this process of completing my Advance Directives. I now feel empowered to make these decisions and that I have a responsibility to communicate my wishes.”

    - Jim Fladmark Jan 2014
  • “I engaged Reva Tift to help me prepare my Advance Health Care Directives and found her to be knowledgeable and compassionate. As difficult as this preparation was for me because of the charged nature of the subject, Reva was patient, understanding and very helpful. And we got it done and notarized much to my relief. I would recommend her without reservation to assist you with preparing your Advance Health Care Directive.”

    - Sharon Conlin RN,LPC July 19,2011 Boulder, CO
  • “As a family psychotherapist, I am frequently faced with how best to be of assistance to those facing their own or their loved ones end of life needs and concerns. A recent experience of counseling family members dealing with an expected loss made it clear to me how important and compassionate it is to clarify, while we are mentally and physically healthy, the wishes and practical choices each of us an make for end of life care. I am grateful and appreciative of the consulting services provided by Reva Tift MA, to help guide me through these challenging life events with my clients, and ultimately, with myself and my own family members. Reva shares an open heart, a deep respect, extensive knowledge, and courageous spirit in dealing with issues that are at the foundation of our human experience.”

    - Barbara Featherstone, MA, LMF Redding, CA
  • “My husband and I saw Reva to talk about our Advance Directive and Medical Durable Power of Attorney. She provides a very valuable service. We had only two sessions with her because she was efficient and well organized. That did not mean that she was too businesslike, as she immediately put us at ease. She was very kind and understanding with a difficult and emotional conversation. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs to attend to End of Life Issues.”

    - Margaret Evans November 21, 2012 Boulder, Colorado
  • “When I tell people that Reva is helping me with my end of life decisions, they ask if everything is okay or tell me I am being morose. I realize that many people do not want to deal with the questions around their ending. Thankfully I found Reva. Her pragmatic sensitivity and thorough conscientiousness has made the process not only way easier but endurable. Daily I think of recommending her.”

    - Karla Dakin January 2019


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