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Covid-19 Care Choices

I am sharing this link to the graph because if clearly presents 3 possible Covid-19 choices. Of course, no treatment and comfort care are also choices. Your alternative medicine practitioners may also have other recommendations. Here are 3 links you may also find helpful. Please contact me if you are ready to …

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Burning Karma

Twenty years ago my siblings and I sorted and packed up my parents’ home, going through private papers, old taxes, letters, photos, pictures, special dishes and furniture__sorted and packed up 50 years of memories, thoughts and feelings.I really appreciated the mostly cooperative spirit of my brothers. As we neared the end of our sorting, a …

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Caregivers: Depression or Grief

“A broken heart is also an open heart. Your vulnerability is also your strength. Do not run from your openness.” David Kessler Caring for and loving our parents, partners, children, friends, and clients can be a huge opportunity for growth, openness, and fulfillment. Caregiving also brings up the age-old question of how to balance one’s …

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